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Augmented IT Systems

Augmented IT Systems

UK based IT tools and services with UK based support

XC360 Augmented Services allows you to run your entire IT operation from one platform, making the mundane automatic, the complex simple and allowing your IT team to deliver real value with strategic planning, technology improvements and reducing costs.

Your IT team no longer need to spend their days firefighting, no longer need to flick from tool to tool trying to find information, no longer need to run around from desk to desk to apply a patch or worry about whether they may get asked if they are licence compliant.

The XC360 augmented IT service provides in house IT teams the tools to provide expert services whilst also meeting company objectives.

  • Centralised asset management of hardware
  • Compliance auditing and reporting of Licences
  • Integrated AV and Backup
  • Best in class proactive monitoring and alerting solutions
  • Rich toolset of remote management and control tools
  • Bespoke automation of regular time consuming tasks
  • Automation of almost everything
    • Automating self-remediation of known issues
    • Automated device maintenance
    • Automate out of hours work
    • Automate application deployment
  • Full suite of customisable reports to see the status of your IT at any given point


Simplify, structure, streamline and AUTOMATE!

Full Augmented IT Systems Guide.

Click the preview to download a PDF guide to the XC360 Augmented IT Systems Service.

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