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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

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“With 84% of end users looking for trusted cloud providers, leveraging the cloud is inevitable.”


XC360 is a UK leader in the provision of effective and efficient cloud solutions for SMEs. Our aim is to create simple yet comprehensive cloud platforms to enable SMEs to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, and help their businesses to grow and develop through complete business continuity; anywhere, anytime.

How It Works

At XC360, we understand that no two SMEs in the UK are the same, and we know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in the world of cloud computing. That’s why we use a tailored, customised approach with each of our cloud services clients. The first step in providing effective SME cloud solutions is to analyse your current business technology, working to identify whether it is cost effective, necessary, and possible to move your key business functions into a cloud environment. In many cases, we’ll then begin merging your essential applications and functions into one simple, single, and beneficial cloud-based platform.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

One of the main advantages of cloud computing for SMEs is the ability to access important business data from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Essential data could include anything from third party packages and multiple email accounts, to both private and shared data across the business. So whether you’re working from a client site, implementing a remote working policy, travelling for work, or simply need to catch up on some tasks at home, you have complete peace of mind that your data is accessible, wherever and whenever you may need it, within the safe, stable, and secure XC360 cloud environment.

With the right cloud environment, SMEs will also experience:

  • Added security to minimise the risk of data breaches
  • Protection of your valuable data from cyber threats
  • Flexibility, with a platform that’s designed to adapt
  • Accurate forecasting of IT-related costs and outgoings
  • Comprehensive corporate solutions to facilitate operations
  • A notable reduction in internal IT issues
  • A scalable solution that grows — or shrinks — with you
  • Seamless working and unrivalled business continuity
  • Performance guarantees, enabling optimal performance

How Can I Use a Cloud Platform?

The best cloud solutions for SMEs are completely versatile, addressing common limitations created by both hardware and software, and creating a simple, effective, and ultimately usable cloud environment. With the right environment, and the right cloud provider, practically all business applications can be stored, managed, and accessed within the platform, including emails, files, storage, backup, and phones.

Why XC360?

At XC360, we’re experienced in a wide range of cloud services and cloud computing solutions especially designed to meet the needs of SMEs. The XC360 team specialise in cloud computing areas such as:

  • Dedicated cloud platforms
  • Hybrid cloud services
  • Cloud virtual private server
  • Cloud storage and file sharing
  • Office 365
  • Cloud backup & protection
  • Business continuity
  • Business IT disaster recovery


At XC360, we utilise the best in enterprise level features to ensure our cloud solutions remain secure, while simultaneously minimising the risk of cyber crime and working to protect your business. Making use of the latest technologies and business tools, our aim is to make it easy for your SME to compete at the highest level, while also identifying solutions to common IT issues and budget concerns. With reliable, SLA-driven UK support and top service guarantees, XC360 is your gateway to cloud computing.

Full Cloud Service Guide.

Click the preview to download a PDF guide to the XC360 Cloud Service.

Migration Process:

If you are eager to make the move, you’ll probably be wondering what the move entails. Surely it must be time consuming and difficult to get your business, which has been running with traditional IT for years, onto the cloud? Actually we’ve done migrations so many times that, with the process we’ve developed, it’s a breeze. We’ve got it down to a fine art. The most difficult thing you’ll have to do is sign on the dotted line.

We’ll move your data, we’ll move your emails, we’ll setup all your users and we’ll configure your applications and run through our tests. Once we are satisfied, we’ll let you test and confirm everything’s how you want it. We’ll do all of this whilst you are still running on your existing system meaning absolutely no downtime. We’ll then agree a date to flip you and all your services over to our cloud and even hand hold you through the move on the day. You’ll start working on the cloud and see significant performance enhancements from the get-go.

We’ll then continue to support you minute by minute whenever you need. Support is an area Xara Computers have excelled in for over a decade, continually improving services, response times and keeping businesses performing so they can have the tools to succeed.

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