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Protected Data Service

Protected Data Service

UK Based Protected Data Solutions with UK Based Support


The XC360 Protected Data Service delivers state of the art secure backup services, coupled with comprehensive management and monitoring that not only backs up, but returns your Business back to full operation:

  • Backup monitoring and remediation
  • Physical & Virtual server backup
  • SQL, Oracle and MySQL Backup
  • Files, Folders, Emails, Databases
  • Encrypted and Secure
  • Backup testing and restoring
  • Exchange and Lotus Notes Backup
  • Windows, Apple Mac and Linux compatible
  • Workstation backup
  • UK Only Storage

What is a Managed Online Backup Service?

An online backup service removes the need for a dedicated backup device, but you still need to manage and maintain it yourself.

A managed online backup solution removes the need for a dedicated backup resource as someone else should be doing the management for you, but backup is only a fraction of the challenge.

The backups can still be unsuccessful, data can still be inaccessible, corrupt, and take days to restore. Once you’ve got your data back then what? How do you get it into your applications, or merge it with your current data or get your systems back to full operation?

Contracting industry experts to implement, monitor and maintain your backup is only half the challenge. The XC360 Protected data service provides total Business security with peace of mind that is second to none.

Why should businesses implement Protected Data Services instead?

  • Increase reliability with triple level backup, so when you need your data you can be certain it’s there.
  • Experienced backup specialists monitor your backups daily to ensure your critical data is always available.
  • Reduce overheads so you never having to buy backup hardware or media again.
  • Backup automation frees up internal resources so you no longer need a body to change tapes, manage the backups, or take data offsite as well.
  • Increase your data lifetime, keep data available for restore for a day or for year’s dependent on your business’s needs.
  • Secure, compliant and encrypted to ensure your critical data is protected all the time and stored under strict industry guidelines.
  • SLA backed recovery plans for those unexpected disaster moments.
  • Pay as you use so you never have any surprises.
  • Scalable so you don’t have to continually invest in hardware or software to cope as your business evolves.
  • Reliable SLA driven UK based support.
  • Bespoke RTO and RCO to meet your business’ needs.

Full Protected Data Service Guide.

Click the preview to download a PDF guide to the XC360 Protected Data Service.

Migrating to the XC360 Protected Data Service

Moving couldn’t be easier. We do all the hard work for you and all we need from you is to verify the data locations , servers, applications and databases we will continually backup and to tell us how quickly you want to be able to have servers, applications, databases and emails back to full operation.

We’ll install our software and start an initial data load locally to one of our storage devices. We’ll then migrate this to our cloud platform and triple check the data integrity.

Our software then securely updates this data daily to ensure an up-to-date copy of your data whilst keeping the initial copies too. Allowing for flexibility on data restore dates.

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