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IT Support

IT Support

UK Based IT Solutions with UK Based Support

XC360 offers expert, managed IT solutions to deliver complete peace of mind for SMEs across the UK.

“Businesses adopting a managed IT solution is set to grow by over 12% year on year in the next 5 years.”

How It Works

XC360’s expert team will work with you to analyse and consider your business’ methods of operation, helping to identify your primary concerns, your most frustrating small business limitations, and the biggest IT obstacles preventing you from reaching your business goals. Once we understand where the problems lie, and how these issues can be overcome, not just effectively but also within budget, we’ll begin implementing the best IT support plan, ensuring peak performance, always.

A good IT support plan for SMEs should be flexible, meeting the needs of each individual business. At XC360, our IT support services are completely customisable, including top SME IT services such as:

  • Proactive desktop support, server support, and network support
  • 24/7 monitoring of your IT systems
  • Mobile device management
  • Patch management
  • Assistance and guidance for efficient IT project delivery
  • Comprehensive security risk analysis
  • Security and data management
  • Backup solutions to protect your data
  • Antivirus and antimalware solutions
  • Full business IT disaster recovery support

Benefits of Managed IT Solutions for SMEs

There are many advantages of managed IT solutions for SMEs. Overall, the aim of business IT support is to bridge the gap between the expertise of your own internal IT team, and the constant stream of new tools and new business technologies being introduced to the market. This ensures that your team can continue to complete their tasks, focus on key deliverables, and take your business to the next level, without the need to constantly train for the latest in fluctuating, fast-moving, high performance tech.

At XC360, our industry experts are passionate about IT, consistently monitoring changes within this rapidly growing industry to ensure your in-house technology is always the best fit for your IT needs.

With small business IT support by XC360, your business can:

  • Improve reliability and efficiency through identifying and targeting primary obstacles
  • Minimise downtime through proactive monitoring, automation, and self-healing methods
  • Protect itself with managed firewalls and 24/7 monitored security
  • Boost safety and reduce the risk of attacks through valid antivirus and antimalware services
  • Increase the expected lifespan of valuable hardware with regular, ongoing ‘health checks’
  • Future proof itself with scalable IT services that meet needs both now and in the future
  • Free up valuable internal resources to focus on more productive and profitable tasks


Why Choose XC360?

Boasting fast responses and timely resolutions to small business IT problems, XC360 can help your business to minimise downtime, boost productivity, and help to ensure that your clients enjoy the best possible experience, each and every time. Our team of IT experts, dedicated to helping SMEs in the UK to grow and develop, work alongside you to identify what it is your business needs in order to succeed.

Whether you simply need a little help in keeping your workstations, servers, remote computers, and software up-to-date, or you’re looking for a more comprehensive and customisable IT support plan, XC360 is the leading choice, with round-the-clock IT monitoring and reliable, SLA-driven UK support.

Full IT Support Service Guide.

Click the preview to download a PDF guide to the XC360 IT Support Service.

Migrating to a Managed Service

Moving your current system to a fully managed solution couldn’t be easier. We can start looking after your systems from day DOT. 

Our smart software sniffs out your current setup and our team of experts analyse the areas of priority, weakness and configuration without disturbing the status quo.

We’ll send you a report on our findings and the steps we intend to take to remediate, and those that won’t impact services can be carried out swiftly, those that may result in minimal downtime would be carried out a time that suits you.

Once we’ve got your systems up to standard we’ll put in place auto remediation services and self-healing templates tweaked for specific needs to ensure your systems remain operating at their best and your team have increased reliability.

We’ll fully document each and every component, and start a full clean-up of permissions, security and settings, to ensure you remain protected at the highest level and each component of your network is detailed so we can provide service excellence.

And whilst we are doing all of this our experienced helpdesk team will be available every step of the way to assist in any day to day issues you may need to talk to us about.

We’ll even make all the necessary calls to your 3rd party vendors and any IT providers you may be using currently so you can start moving your focus on to your business even quicker whilst we handle everything.

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