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A 360º approach to technology

XC360 delivers all the technology services a business needs. With years of development, strong partnerships, experience and dedicated employees the XC360 service means one provider can finally be answerable and deliver on every part of your technology journey.


Your business needs to operate at the highest levels, all the time and that means ALL THE TIME. Not only is our system built to provide responsive access to files, apps and emails, it’s expertly monitored to root out performance issues and bandwidth hogs.

Our sophisticated Infrastructure ensures Business continuity and is designed to prevent minor disasters and get you up and running and fully operational super-quick from any major disaster. All implemented to offer the perfect balance between operational performance and high level security and compliance.


Access your systems, folders, e-mails and documents wherever you are, 24 / 7 and on any device, as if you are sitting at your office desk. All you need is an internet connection.

Whether you are in the office, on the road, at a client’s site or even on holiday (we don’t expect you work on holiday!) then you and your team can still communicate and get access to everything you need to exactly as if you were sat next to each other at your desk.


Keeping your data safe and compliant is essential, XC360 protects access to your systems and keep breaches at bay. You can work without worrying about the latest threats both internal and external.

Rely on powerful integrated data security tools and procedures to manage access to and protect your and your clients’ vital information from malicious or accidental loss, and to enable rapid recovery of data, emails, services and applications when needed.

Enterprise level firewalling, 3 levels of antivirus filtering, spam, spoof and sender authentication protection, enhanced file security and audit tracking, software restriction policies, data security management and so much more.


XC360 takes care of managing software upgrades and licencing to ensure that you always have the latest version, complete with the latest features, functionality and critical security updates.

We ensure the latest versions are available to you, and triple check their usability and functionality to make sure you don’t have to drastically change the way you work to accommodate them; and you don’t have to pay a penny for it.

We vet and apply patches methodically so your systems remain protected but also continue to operate at peak performance, ensuring you don’t get left behind.


Our team of experienced and qualified engineers answer your queries at first pickup, they have been trained to the highest levels and work on the XC360 ethos of doing what we can to assist our clients, even if it’s for advice on their next car!

Get friendly expert help and advice instantly from our London-based helpdesk and field support team to keep hardware and software in great shape and your people confident and happy.


Your business may be planning for expansion, adding additional branches or employing temps for a short term contract. That’s not a problem, with XC360 you can add and remove services as you need to with our flexible platform.

Cloud computing is scalable easily and quickly, new employees, branches and applications can be set-up in minutes with the permissions they need to get started. Existing employee profiles can be changed in seconds.


With the growing need to stay in touch by phone wherever you go, our telephony solutions enable you to take your office number wherever you go.

Even if you don’t need that functionality – every business can benefit from a more professional telephony solution offering auto attendant features, voicemail, call recording and so much more at a fraction of the cost of onsite phone solutions.


Keeping your team connected to each other is essential for any successful Business. With XC360 you can communicate and share information securely wherever and whenever you need to.

We use globally recognised tools to enable your team, clients and suppliers to share information, files and calendars seamlessly, without having to worry about data security and breaches.


In the modern age, access to reliable and superfast internet connectivity is paramount. We use the country’s most reliable suppliers to get you connected quickly and keep you connected all the time.

Superfast, fully managed and monitored connectivity to keep you connected to the world whatever your location.

Monitored and managed 24/7, if there’s a problem we’ll find it and resolve it before it costs your Business.


You want the best for the least cost, that’s what we always aim to provide in all our services.

Commission and pay for only the capacity you need when you need it. Replace internal IT procurement, management and support overheads with lower-cost resources that provide 360 degree technical expertise.

The XC360 service offers real value for exceptional expertise and high performance solutions, whether it’s on the XC360 Cloud platform through to Outsourced CIO services and Augmented IT Services.

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